Villancicos Latinos y Christmas Carols Americanos

Esta noche habrá una mezcla de culturas en mi casa. The word melting pot wouldn't be appropriate to describe the uniting of culture and knowledge. We won't be melting, or defacing anything because each custom, tradition and ritual has a meaning attached to it. A meaning that makes it sacred and valuable for those of us that receive it. This year, we have embraced many customs. We put up a tree, we wrapped our gifts in santa wrapping paper, we burned incense, we've sang, we will dance, we made tamales together, we made empanadas, we baked chocolate chip cookies and even praised the coming of a new time for our Earth. 

Tonight we will intertwine old and new through music and singing old and new villancicos together. To do this I made a book that I want to share with everyone. Maybe today before the end of the night you can print it and sing with your families a couple of songs. 

Start a new tradition this year :) All the tunes are easily found on YouTube if you need to hear the sound of the songs. 

Feliz Navidad!! 

Here's a link to the PDF: 

Here are the JPGS: 


Jodi said…
So awesome Flor. I am printing it right now. Feliz Navidad! :)
Flor Olivo said…
Yay! I'm glad you liked it! If you need a different format, etc let me know :) I can modify it and send it directly to you :)

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