Words and more words: Our home's wall decor

I'm not super cheap but I do like a good deal. I try to blend a couple more expensive pieces with inexpensive ones that give off similar feelings. Here's an example from my living room wall decor. 

Two outside canvasses are from Target $2.88 each. Inside canvas is from Big Lots $8.00. 

Got it at Target $16.00

TJ Maxx $30.00

Asian City in West Jordan $1.00

Clock from Ikea $19.99 Pictures by Gisselle Photography and Flawur Media. $75.00 and hour

Wood block letters from the DI $2.00

Dr. Seuss reading is fun (above the book case in the dining room) from Michaels $2.00

Stuff I'm thinking of getting for the hallway and the restroom: 


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