My favorite teachers

Late this spring I took the kids to the International Peace Gardens in Glendale, UT. We walked around and talked about some history pieces of each country represented at the garden. We stopped by a place that looked peaceful, we are talking walking along then we look back and see Andrei doing this: 

We stop and wait for him to finish. When he's done, we ask, "hey what were you doing?" He responded calmly, "finding inner peace." This ignited a conversation about how different people find this inner peace and/or connection with their spirituality. 

Andrei explains inner peace helps you calm down and it also helps you know if you are doing something bad. I was amazed at this deep thought from my four year. He is right. Having peace within our spirit enables us to self reflect and heal. We are able to find our strengths and in doing so our deepest weaknesses. Lately I've been following Andrei's example more of finding peace inside me. 


Love that picture I have one of my now 12 when she was 4 doing the same meditative pose. To this day one of my faves.
Elder Olivo said…
Wisdom coming from the mouth of a child (: I miss you guys a lot! I'm going to practice this. What a genius.

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