How is it that were the only crazy ones?

Have you ever been so fed up you just want to SCREEEAMMM! Ughhhhh!

Well, I do, I feel like that all the time lately. It's not because I'm mad at anyone in particular, it's more like I am frustrated with the way my words and my truth gets pushed aside.

I've been reading this book: Feminism is for Everybody by bell hooks. It's helped me calm down A LOT.

Some days I just want to curl up and admit to myself, "maybe I am crazy," "maybe I am just too angry." There are times that I imagine myself telling me, "stop being a psycho, control yourself!" Usually the other me responds, "NO! I'm not crazy, I'm just fed up..."

The other day I found this in another book I'm reading, Girls Like Us...

I read it and felt this light bulb click inside my head. I realized how much I to male dominated society in order to prevent the accusation of being psychotic.

It's not crazy that your mad cause your always cleaning and everything is always a mess.

Your not crazy cause you are a good mom and want your kids to be dressed nicely, and be healthy and fed.

It's not psycho to call a guy who is cheating on you out!

It's not crazy to ask your significant other why he's flirting with the girl next door.

It's not crazy to be fed up with fixing everyone's problems when you haven't even fixed your own.

It's not crazy to say, STOP! 

What are some other times you've been called a psycho, or crazy? 


Jodi said…
I agree. I think too it is a way to discredit the source. "oh, she's just crazy, not like I am being a douche or anything..." Great post... I hope my comment works this time I have been having issues :(

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