Birthday Week, Birthday Month July

Hi blog family, 

Today I am going to update you on one of the loveliest birthday weeks I've had. I will warn you, you will see A LOT of pictures of MEEE :)

This week proved to be a learning, reminder and peaceful time in my life. I got to be around friends and family who I truly love and who truly love me. Thanks to everyone that helped make this a great birthday for me. 

On Sunday, we started off with a trip to Lagoon Amusement Park. My dad and sister came from North Dakota! It meant the world to me. 

Bungee- jumping anyone?

On my actual birthday, the 9th, my mom and dad had a whole barbecue prepared when I got home from work. I've been riding Trax to work every day by the way. 

On Tuesday I wore my pretty fake eyelashes I got for my birthday to work... (oh yea I my parents also took me to get my eyebrows threaded!) ha ha. Oh and I drove to work. Only day of the week :)

Delicious Banana Bread that I made! 

My dad bought us a portable air conditioner cause our house is alway so hot. It helps a lot! 

On Wednesday I didn't have time to get dressed up because I rode my bike to work. 

On thursday and friday I didn't take any pics, but on Saturday I got the curling iron out and we had a great night to celebrate my 28 years of life. 18 + 10! 

It was a great week :-) 


I love the pictures and love that you had so much fun.

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