Wordless wednesday/ Miercoles sin palabras

Yesterday, me and the boys had a beautiful morning. The night before we had set down our garden so we went and watered it. Once we were down with business we played with our pets and jumped on the tramp. Here are some pics.

Good morning garden! 

A row of tomatoes

Secret garden

Big Red and I forgot the other ones name. lol.

This one is Andrei's favorite.

Baby got jumps.

Fun stuff.

Love my boys. (I think Adrian was eating dirt :-/)

Andrei caught be jumping. Lol. Looking a little raggedy.

Doggie, he's so bad! Lol. He already ate some of the garden :-/


Great photos! Looks like you had a lovely day.
Alma said…
New follower via La Dulce Vida. Love your spanglish blog! Happy mid-week!
Alma said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Linda said…
Adorable kids and that shot of you on the trampoline is sassy!
Fun is where you find it and the boys are great hunters!! Lots of fun.
Looks like everyone had fun!

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