Salt Lake City through my lens

I've been working on a little project. I wanted to capture the reasons I still live in Utah and choose to call it my home. Often times I get questioned on my choice to stay a member of the LDS church even though I am very open about the contradictions I find in it's history. I have also been asked why I choose to invest in this state and in this city.

For a long time, I didn't feel at home here. My home is in Texas but recently I have felt my legs growing roots to a place I honestly hate for so long. I have family and friends in Houston, Texas. I can pick up and leave and be just fine. BUT, I have decided I want to make SLC my home. I want to help mold it into a city where my children feel welcomed and comfortable. I want them to be proud of the place they were born instead of ashamed when they are asked. 

Utah is a beautiful state, with many gorgeous people and places. Here are some of my snapshots. And a bit of why I can't deny I've slowly fallen in love with the city by the lake.

Always growing!

I've learned to stop and look at nature.

Amazing views that make for amazing sun flares.

Lots of spaces to meditate!

Beautiful sunsets.

Cute couples.

I've found my voice.

Tall buildings that aren't tall enough to cover my view of the mountains.

A new-found love for the power of the earth, stars and the moon.

Found my loves.


Alma said…
I am relocating from NY to Savannah Ga in July. I have13 years of stuff to pack between my husband and I and our two kids. It has been hard for my family to understand , but i know how you feel. There is a lot I loved about GA and I have taken the plunge and have stuck with this choice for a year. Change is good and travel is better.
These are great pictures of the state you love!
Happy Friday!

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