Okay now I feel weird about that last post. After I read it I thought it might come off as arrogant or egoish but I made a promise to not delete anything I publish. So I apologize! This week I'll be updating on the cleaners we are working on and I will have pictures of this awesome high schooler I met last week. 

Stay tuned... 


Francia Benson said…
It wasn't arrogant at all, actually it made me think about the things I have done in my life and feel a little proud of myself. Thanks for sharing it.
Now way. Arrogant, like, how? It was inspiring and encouraging. You're proud and humble. Great combo.
Absolutely NOT egoist nor arrogant! You should be proud of your hard work and consequent accomplishments! You give Latin women a good name, you make me proud to know you Flor.Love,

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