Wordless Wednesday: Backyard Adventures- Fruit Trees and Earthworms

Yesterday started off not so good but then I went outside with the kids :)

It was so fun! We got to break up the garden dirt... We are planning on starting our planting on Earth Day this year, April 21st. The fruit trees are already going crazy with the popcorn! He he. Just look at these pics. 

My adopted dogs got out to play :) They're funny. Wish I had more time to walk them and take better care of them, it's like having 5 kids! Don't know how my momma did it. 

Little man climbing trees and houses.

and the kids playing with earth worms ha ha look at them, they were so into it.


Ms POSH said…
I love your dogs. I have one that has a similar look to your big one.

Have a great WW- POSH
Jodi said…
Gorgeous pictures. I love fruit trees too in the spring!

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