Fiesta de princesas en Español y algunas fotos de graduacion

Hi guys, 

So I've been MIA for the last week. As I've mentioned before this semester has been crazy so this last week I've been catching up on homework, working on my photography and starting my new job as Managing Editor at a local newspaper. This of course all second to the family time we set aside each week. I'm happy with the things that are developing from my long trek as a student and I still can't believe graduation is so close! I am glad my children are a part of the journey and are learning the value of a higher education at a young age. 

Last week I made my kids wind down and hang out, we took some pictures with my cap and gown and we played some of the games we got for the Princesas Listening party, I like the kids to listen and watch movies in Spanish because sometimes I have a hard time making them speak Spanish at home. So we played our new "Canciones de las Princesas" to set the mood! It was fun! We are having an actual listening party next Wednesday with a couple friends I will post the pictures soon! :) 


Anonymous said…
Love the family pics. Patricia

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