Easter 2012 with Jake and the Neverland pirates!

This year for Easter I'm gonna be in Las Vegas with my sisters! One of them turns 21 woohoo.

SOOOO... today we threw an Easter viewing/party for the kids with the Jake and the Neverland party kit, movie and supplies we received. It was so much fun! 

First we watched a movie. 

Then we colored eggs. (mine and the kids first time!)

Raced with eggs on spoons. 

Did a bunny hop relay race 

and then we had an egg hunt (we recycled our plastic eggs from last year)! 

The day was so beautiful today. It was great to be outside and remember what it feels like to be outdoors. In two weeks we start planting our outdoor garden, we are doing a children's community garden with some of our single mom friends and their kids! 

If any of you are in Utah and would like your kids to join, text or message me on Facebook! I'll be posting more details next week. But we would love more kids to join in :-) All you need to donate is your time! 


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