Woman's Day should be every day: pro-choice?

I caved in and posted a status update on Facebook about International Woman's Day.

Being a woman is pretty awesome ;) El ser mujer es hermoso. Ojala todas las mujeres de mi vida recuerden lo esencial que es nuestra existencia. Hope all the women of my life always remember how essential our existence really is. Happy woman's day. Feliz dia de la mujer en especial a mi mami, my first love, el primer corazon que escuche latir.

Then, I remembered something my mom always says, "No me digas, muestramelo" (Don't tell me, show me). As always she is right and I find myself saying this a lot to my husband and my kids.

This post is to honor women who are not often celebrated.

Too often I hear micro-aggresions towards women in social media, on the street and in every day conversation. People repeating others agendas, people being pationate about things they don't understand and then wanting to impose those things on me. Then on "important" days like Woman's Day, for example, these same people post a picture, a status or send a text saying: Happy Woman's Day. And you think, REALLY?. lol.

Earlier today, I was chatting with my husband and he told me about one of his friends that works at Planned Parenthood (PP). Lately with all the controversies going on there have been several protests and people just picketing outside the PP harassing the women going in to use their services. I thought about what this meant for me. Granted that not all of PP services are abortion related. In fact,

Planned Parenthood provides nearly 770,000 Pap tests and nearly 750,000 breast exams each year, critical services in detecting cancer.

Planned Parenthood provides more than four million tests and treatments for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

Three percent of all Planned Parenthood health services are abortion services. 

Planned Parenthood affiliates provide educational programs to more than 1.1 million young people and adults each year.

With legislation going into effect that provisions for the exclusion of sex education in our schools, these services become vital to our communities. Many will say well, that's what the parents are there for but these statements fail to understand structures of power. When a parent is barely getting by on providing the basic physical necessities of a child, providing conversations or additional knowledge becomes hard. Parents and the children of the parents that have the time and resources to be able to have sit and have conversations truly have a privilege.

Okay, so we go to the grocery store and we see all the magazines that are placed at the checkout at my daughters eye-level.


Nati: Look mom it has Selena Gomez on the cover! What's orgggaaa-----

Me: AH! um yea that is Selena Gomez isn't it. Um this is a grown up magazine let's put it back.

She's 7. Wait, I have to start explaining what all the words she was reading were? Okay, I get it so yea I can do that. Then she goes to school and there's other kids whose parents don't have time to talk or don't feel as comfortable explaining and so it begins, they start making up names for stuff. They start thinking well if nobody wants to talk about it whats the big deal. Maybe we should experiment and see what it's all about, nobody cares anyway.

AND then we have Teen Mom on MTV or a pregnant neighbor whose parents are hiding away until she places the baby for adoption. Every one assumes these teens are a disease to our community and we must hide their "promiscuity." Nobody stops to think that if maybe we had the structures in place to educate a teenager on the hardships of parenting they might wait a little or maybe not. Maybe they would still choose to be parents, and be good ones. Wait is that what people are scared about? Other people making choices outside of their personal comfort zone?

Okay, well and then here come in the politicians who use our social dilemmas to make a buck or two. Or pass a law or two that will benefit their agenda.

First of all, when I hear male politicians or "normals" spewing derogatory words towards women I feel so incredibly uncomfortable to see a person who has no idea what it feels like to be me telling me what I should or shouldn't feel.

But in the end it comes down to the same thing as always: Are you pro-choice or are you okay with killing babies? And then your credibility flies out the window and your labeled a liberal looney all because you wanted to be able to choose.

For me, pro-choice does not equal pro-abortion.

Pro-choice like the word says means we have a right to choose as individual women. That our choices are not imposed by society or other's agendas. That our choice to carry a pregnancy to term and then our choice to parent is held within each one of us as human beings.

Personally, having that choice makes being a mother that more special because it makes it my right to choose to create life and nurture it. I like sharing that power with the creator and like thinking that he placed that decision on me and only me. That is the God I believe in.

As humans we all endure struggles and circumstances that can only be understood individually. I've had moments in my life where I didn't want a life growing inside of me, especially since I had no idea how to manage my own.

In those moments, I grew compassion for other women's choice and I can say I understood the why? I can't impose my beliefs on anyone else but the same way I would like to be respected I would also ask respect and compassion for myself and others.

I have many women in my life who have chosen to have abortions or taken other options, such as adoption and I know they have the same value as me as women, mothers and more importantly as humans. I admire them for their courage to defend their reality no matter what. Some of them have children now and I feel that their personal experience has molded their maturity and contributed to their growth. I strongly believe that if they had made any other choice their lives would not have the same amount of progress. 

I believe being in control of our bodies as women is the most powerful tool we have as humans. Maybe this is the reason why so many fight endless battles to strip us of a right that was divinely given to us women, us women alone.


Jodi said…
I loved this. I get so sick of the lies sputtered about Planned Parenthood. That organization is vital to women's health especially since the idea of universal healthcare=tyranny in this ignorant country of ours. And yes, why is it the same people who are supposedly for "big government" to stay out of everyday citizens lives thinks it is also cool to tell women what to do with their uterus and men to not marry other men. I don't get it, could someone explain it to me please?

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