Poetry Tuesdays: You're So Vain

New prompt:

Write a poem about yourself- from the point of view of someone who doesn't like you. How would this person describe you? 

My poem for last week: 

Immovable crate

Pum pum, pum pum, pum pum
gasp. Breathing too hard.
Contained within grasp of the exit. 

Bent over, squatted. 
Roll hanging over my pants. 
No fight here. No light here. 

It's a choice. 
I'm in this box walk away and stop with all that noise. 
I feel happy to know what I'm supposed to do. 

I know there's someone there who knows what I'm going through. 
I'm on the path to bliss.
Just gotta put up with this blister, this back pain and this mist.

But I'm almost there if I quit now everything I did will be dismissed. 
I am too strong to exit now so buzz on out. Shoo!!
I'm not too weak, gasp, grunt, I can squat for a second longer. 

I won't step out. 
I have no choice. 

What would I do without that voice 
Telling me I'm right and murmuring what is wrong. 
I am here and here I'll stay, hey maybe tomorrow something will force me to walk stray.

Today, tonight, I think I'll stay.


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