Poetry Tuesdays: Family Voices {Link-Up}

Write a poem in which each stanza is in the voice of a different member of your family. This will give your poem lots of perspectives, or points of view, as opposed to the one sustained perspective you might use in many of your other poems.

You ain't better

Sitting there imperfect and bruised.
Smiling, HA! but your still used.
I can't stand that I like you.

Infected with laughter,
I know what your hiding
in that cynical banter.

I can't say much.
It'll probably meander to you.
Beside u know how to recover gracefully
with that playful candor.

I called you out,
but you knew.
So I'll sit back,
and see you brew

I'll break that
fake-ass grin the neighborhood
taught you.

You know why
being sly is my power.
You were like me.

But you had something
we all wish we did too.
You had love, the special love.

The one we all know of
and never knew.
You had change to change your view.

But more important than dough,
you had warmth of affection
that was safe.

That didn't come from hands
that should never touch you.
From hands you asked to never touch you.

Attention from the being whose blood
you passed through,
the one whose belly you grew.

I sit feeling deranged
with prolonged rage

the button and send a "hey girl!"
And a strange interchange
leaves me feeling like:

I should disarrange
that good thang.
That pretty little, sweet thang

we all deserved and never got.
I should remind you were you came from.
I ought to respond to this disturbing rot,

from years of neglect and silent thought.
I know I deserve better
Just havent reached the spot.


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