Mi Princesa

Mi niña cumplio un añito mas. Me siento tan feliz de ser su mamá. We have endured many things together and she continues to be bright and happy. She is getting so good at her art. Her dad, Isaac, has helped me so much in building her self-worth and am I so grateful for him in our lives too.

Our princess is one year older!! Ahhh. 

Sometimes parents say they don't know where time went or they wish their baby wouldn't grow more but I'm so happy seeing her personality and beauty grow everyday. I don't have too many regrets, yet, just excitement and eagerness to keep providing what she needs to keep going. 

Right now, I feel my eyes getting watery with intense emotion that stems from love, pride and admiration for the opportunity of having such a special little person as my daughter. Te amo mi primer amor.


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