Jardin, Our Garden y Aprendiendo a Reciclar

Okay so on Sunday, it was our turn to do Noche de Hogar at our house. (We get together every Sunday afternoon with the whole fam to talk about something spiritual, we each dinner together too but mostly it's an excuse to hang out)

I was in charge of the class. I felt pretty guilty cause I haven't been in the church mood lately. I am really spiritual about everything I do though so I decided to talk about something that made me feel close to God, or at least my idea of him. 

We talked about Gardening! I told the kids about the elements and how all things that have life go back to being dirt. So, dirt is a culmination of elements. We talked about metals and other parts of the anatomy of the earth. I explained why plastic created pollution and why it's so important to recycle. The kids were really attentive and enjoyed listening because I had samples like, dirt and water. Metal, rocks and plastic sat on the table as I talked. 

To end the discussion, we had an activity. I had pre-cut some newspapers. I took one sheet and cut it into 4 parts. I had looked in the cupboard for small tomato paste cans which we used to wrap the newspaper around. Then we folded the bottom into a flat surface. We used a half inch piece of tape to hold our paper pots together. After this we added starter mix to the containers and placed our seeds into the pots. We placed them together in a plastic green house tray I had prepared before and watered the plants. The newspaper became soggy and the kids got concerned but I explained that when we transplanted the plants to the garden outside the paper would disintegrate and turn into soil too. They were fascinated. 

This was a fun project! 


Jodi said…
What a cool FHE. I like the idea of the newspaper for the plant starters. I planned mine yesterday. We still need to till the soil and hopefully get some pea seeds in within the next couple of weeks. I am also going to do some more flowers this year too for vases around the house.

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