Planting a garden is believing in tomorrow- A.H.

Okay so were starting to grow some of our seeds inside in the next couple weeks. We have some awesome ideas for this planting season. We learned a lot last year too! 

Here's a tutorial we are using to get us started on the right dates:

Based on the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) We are in zone 7.

Did You Know? A well-planned vegetable garden can turn a $50 investment in seeds and fertilizer into $1250 worth of groceries, according to a cost-analysis study by the Burpee seed company. Plant now, and extend your season into later harvesting for delicious savings... Read more at

Were working on these crafts. I'll have full posts on them soon :)

One from the Cottage Hill Blog, one from the Starting from Seed Gardening Magazine and one we made up:

We have chickens too. Mostly cause we thought they were cute and then we discovered what awesome pets they are! Here's a cool idea, also from the Cottage Hill Blog, I think well try this year. We already have a coop we just need to add some wheels to it :) 

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Laura@Splendor said…
I love that quote! And chickens? Really? How cool!!

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