I had a really long day today. I started reading a book about blogging moms (The Digital Mom Handbook) because I've been lacking motivation. I find myself doing too much most days. 

The beginning of the book talks about finding your passion. I started thinking and thinking what my passion was and I think I figured it out. My passion is learning. 

Learning to be a better mom, daughter, wife and woman. Learning to be a better human being, community member, student or teacher. Learning how to make a difference and/or how to stay out of the way other times. 

I think the essence of my blog is learning to grow into me. I want to grow a lot so I will always have new things to learn. I find my posts to be very sporadic at times. I write and post about a lot of things but all of these things fall under my journey of learning to be Flor. 

I am really happy I found a place and an audience to share what and how I am learning to love myself, to teach my children to be happy and to enjoy my days next to a companion who loved me before I loved myself. 



Totally agree. I think your blog is really about learning, evolution and humanity. I love the theme here and you always make me think deep. :)
Cool. Yay glad to hear that Chantilly. I've been trying to narrow down but then I kept thinking but what if I want to write about something random!? Lol.

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