A New Way of Eating: Frijoles/Beans

For as long as I can remember my parents have indoctrinated us with healthy eating. I think because I am rebellious I have consciously decided not to listen to my parents.

I wanted to be a normal Latina. You know carne asada, chuleton, pozole, empanadas, etc. A lot of our culture lies in our food right? Well, this year I've been feeling really lethargic and slumped down by my body. I decided to start looking around for solutions in books and on the internet. A lot of the resources I found concluded that the way we eat, the things we put into our body are the most vital factors in the way we feel. It makes sense! Right? 

Well, this is the book I'm reading this week:

I'll admit there are some pointers that seem a little extreme still. But others like eating food that is native to the area we live in make a lot of sense. We are all made from the same ingredients as the earth it makes complete sense that our bodies would benefit from using the foods that the earth is able to create in our area of the world.

For example pineapples and mangos grown in places of the world where they serve the purpose of cooling off the people in their climate. Transportation to bring these fruits to our cold climates is unnatural. This made me feel sad for a moment. It doesn't mean I can never have a mangito or a piña to me it means it just shouldn't be a regular part of our diet. 

Anyway I'm excited about all the things I'm learning but honestly I felt kinda guilty because a lot of the things I'm "learning" were already in my mind because of my mom and dad. 

My dad was diagnosed with diabetes when I was in elementary school. I remember feeling really sad cause my dad was sick and I also remember our diets changing drastically... Everyone healthied up and I hated it. 

For a while, I would feel resentful and thought my mom only cared about us being skinny. But it wasn't that at all, she just didn't want us to get sick. She took lots of nutrition classes and fed us really well. We had flavorful healthy food. 

My mom has all these awesome recipes where she would mix in spinach to our juices and cakes. She would make vegan/whole wheat pancakes. She has all this really healthy and valuable knowledge that this book has re-taught me. 

The one I felt the most guilty about was making beans! 

CONFESSION: I've never made beans from scratch :-( My mom has taught me how but I just hate beans because my mom always made us eat them. 

Today looking for a recipe to make for Sunday dinner I came across a tutorial on how to make beans. 

Ughhh I felt so bad. My mom makes way better vegan beans than this. With the Latino spice that many of us can relate to, why am I looking up a recipe on a random site when I can just ask my mom!? 

So this is my realization: I'm going back to my roots. 

Yes, it's true that many Latinos don't eat healthy but it's also true that many do and my parents are some of those healthy nuts.

There's some of everything in every culture. 

Today I'm taking it back and getting some recipes from my momma. 

Stay tuned maybe I'll share some :-) 


Giron said…
great post!! i think that our native diets are mostly healthy since the unhealthy stuff was usually the meat products. pork is consumed alot in central america. like my dad talked about how he would love to eat chicarron in guate but he couldnt eat it everyday but here in the states he would eat a bag a day with limon and tortillas cuz it was cheaper. sometimes i would eat some with him and i remember getting some nasty heartburn.

keepin true to the culture and eat healthy wouldnt be too hard. just go back to the roots of veggies and fruits and not the massive quantities of meat that we eat now due to the meat industry shoving steaks at everyone.

idk if i like the no pina or mango thing. i mean, its delicious. im down to move out of utah if i means not eating pineapple. hey but u know how we come from thousands of years living in tropical regions do u think we are genetically used to eating those foods and if we eat cold weather foods it be more unnatural since we just move up here to utah for a few years? what do u think? you think im just making excuses to eat more pineapple?

i want to eat some of that almond butter. looks bomb. truthfully i liked being a vegetarian for two weeks. i felt lighter.

the other day i woke up and my knee hurt. sometimes i really get scared ima get sick. my dad is diabetic too. i feel its mean to the kids for me to be unhealthy and overweight. i dont want to risk losing them early because i didnt watch my food intake.
Yea well you know my mom and dad. They are always on our case about eating well, not eating out, etc. They've ALWAYS been like that lol. That's why I've never eaten pork or ribs or stuff like that cause my mom would refuse to cook it. Until this day I've never had menudo and my first time eating pozole was this new years. Chicarron was my grandmas favorite but I never liked it i think cause my mom would tell me where it came from.

I also think exercise if very native to Latino culture. When we go to Colombia or Mexico for vacation we ALWAYS lose a couple pounds cause we go all out on the eating but we also walk everywhere!!

I agree there were some extremes that I think well I'm still gonna eat this or that every once in a while but I see why it makes sense to eat a certain way.

i get scared of that too. I also want to have more energy. Oh and my face is breaking out so much I want it to be smooth and clear again. Having a balance diet and exercise plan is the best way to get your body to act normal again :)
Jodi said…
Beans are such a pain in the butt to cook. I have one recipe for refried ones that are really good. I would love to make some of your Mom's recipes though... will you share?
Yes Jodi :) we get together with the rest of the family for family home evening every Sunday night and I took advantage and asked my mom for the recipe. I'm gonna try it out tomorrow! I'm excited.

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