Keep the Bar High

I was born with a p-----. Sadly this has made me one of the most hard-headed, stubborn and foolish creatures to walk on earth. A man. I know that I am married to the most amazing woman on earth. She makes me smile just thinking of her. She is smart, beautiful and faithful to me.

So why am I so impossible with her? Why do I keep rebelling against my own happiness? I love her with all my soul yet I still don't know how to treat her with the respect that she deserves. I am ashamed to admit I have raised my voice at her, ignored her, pushed her away, shut down emotionally, been lazy, been possessive and jealous. It hurts my whole being to admit it. I'm not a perfect husband. Not close.

I just want to tell you women to stay strong with your convictions. Your strong and have self-worth. Make your man respect you and demand him to act right with you. Don't let him slack. Don't allow him to be a slob and a jerk. Please.

If he really loves you he will listen and change. Be strong.

  • " I want you to treat me with respect."
  • " I want you to stop talking to me in that tone of voice. I don't want to ever hear it again."
  • " I want you to stop all violence and threat of violence in this household."
  • " I want you to learn to have a real conversation with me."
  • " I want you to realize that I am a whole individual with stresses and responsibilities. That you are not the only one who has to work.
  • " I want you to listen to me when I speak to you. To really hear me."
  • " I want you to do your part in our marriage and not complain. I do that everyday."
  • " I want you to respect my body and to know when I do and don't want to be touched. To be able to kiss you and be kissed by you whenever I want and not to be made to feel bad when I don't want physical contact."
  • " I want you to be the perfect husband I know you are. I love you and you need to believe that and never doubt me."
I have had a lot to think about recently. I know that most of the mistakes in my marriage are due to me. My wife has been very patient with me. This post is to remind myself that if I want a happy marriage its on me to change the problems. To be a man and keep 100% of my responsibilities and to that accountability of my flaws.
Ladies, thanks for puttin up with us. Always hold the bar up high.

---- Isaac Giron


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