Getting Tough on Reading

We are getting really tough on studying and reading at the house. Not that we weren't before but now it's something that comes before anything else. We set up a second book shelf in our dining area which is the space where we can sit and do homework together. We got a banner that is says, "Reading is Fun!" for like $5 bucks at the Michaels to get the kids motivated.

We already own A LOT of books, you can see some of them at our Book Blog, so just getting them organized and the kids on a schedule is helping a bunch. 

We also started a little reward system. A lot of people are weary of giving kids prizes for things they should be doing anyway but we thought it would be a good way of teaching the kids to appreciate the things we get for them anyway. 

We got reward cards and stickers also at Michaels for about $3.00 for each package, about $11.00 total for the banner, the cards and stickers.

Each day if they get all there chores done and read a book they get a sticker. At the end of the month if their sheets are full they get $13.00 to spend on something. 

If they want to save the "money" for something bigger then they can accumulate more cards. They loved the idea and have been doing well for the past weeks. 

Thought I would post to keep up with our progress. 


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