Fun Places to Take the Kids: Natural History Museum of Utah

Last week I had a couple of hours to spare before going to pick up Nati from school. Andrei and I were driving around downtown so I decided to check out the Natural History Museum of Utah which I'd been meaning to do for a while.

Andrei loved it! He was amazed by the dinosaur bones and the interactive exhibits throughout the place. Our two hours flew by and we didn't even notice. 

He played in the water.

Explored rock formations.

Appreciated his beautiful backyard, the state he was born in, Utah.

Talked for hours about the dinosaur bones.

Enjoyed listening to Native American voices.

And built a cell, of course. 

I had so much fun too and can't wait to take the rest of the kids! Might even invest in a season pass. We had a zoo pass for 2 years and loved it. We had Discovery Gateway for a year and The Living Planet Aquarium we have renewed for 3 years. They have all been well worth the money. From 2 or 3 visits in the year you make up your money and then after that it's just like going for free. You are also supporting the institution and helping provide these learning spaces for children, families and individuals.

The Museum is at 301 Wakara Way in Salt Lake City, UT (Next to the Red Butte Gardens). 


Jodi said…
I need to take Sebi there. Looks like a fun mother/son date you had there. I love the pic you took of the street signs. How clever. I need to do that with our street and put it in Sebi's baby book.
Shahny said…
Oh!! How fun! Sure looks like andrei enjoyed every second of it. I'll def have to consider buying some of those season passes.

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