Early Morning Bonding

Written by: Isaac
Its early morning. I've gotten myself used to sleeping at exactly 11 and waking up at 430. This last week I have been sleeping in till 5:30 though since at work I was told I had to go in at 7. These mornings are great. Im a morning person. I can get up with a smile and get on with it. Today Im watching Nati walk around half asleep looking for the perfectly right clothes to wear for school. She is cute. She is a morning person sometimes. I rarely catch her in a grumpy mood, unless of course goes to sleep way past her bedtime. Nati and me have a cool bonding game now. Everyday she get to ask me one question which I am obligated to answer completely honestly. It cool cuz I get to open up to her and she get to know me better. I dont have to answer all her questions. There a few I tell her, "Ask something else." So far most of her questions have been about my youth.

"When you where little did you get in trouble for not eating all your food?" HAHAHA I laughed so hard, I told her, "Naw babygirl, I got in trouble for eating too much!"

Building trust and friendship with your kids while still maintaining your position as a parent and disciplinarian can be hard sometimes. It is great though. But hey, I need to get to work and Nati needs to have some direction cuz she is taking way too long. Great...... Adrian woke up.

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Shahny said…
Haha I love it! You are sucha great daddy!

Ps. I hate morning people ;)
Flor Olivo said…
Yes they're both very annoying. lol. im a grouch in the morning! ha ha me and Andrei and Adrian are like leave us alone!!!! :)

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