College, Meetings, No Sleep

So I'm sitting at Barnes and Noble trying to read my Media Law book but I'm suffering from a serious case of Adult ADD :-( I'm also really tired, and I'm nervous.

Later today I'm meeting with Kevin Pang, Journalist for the Chicago Tribune, it's part of an opportunity the University of Utah's communications department put together for its student journalists.

On Saturday I'll be attending a one-credit course by him and Professor Mangun. I'm excited to learn from someone in the industry.

I'm self motivating. BNN is a great place to pick up ideas. Here are my phone shoots of BNN Motivation :)


Jodi said…
Love your hair in that second picture.
Flor, I hope your meeting/class went well! B&N is a mixed bag for getting work done. *lol* Too many shiny objects! Un abrazote fuerte, Amiga. : )

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