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So, I've mentioned this before but my good friend Jodi, from the Lopez Blog, and I started a book blog where we review books that we pick up to read ourselves or that we choose to read to our children. We have similar views on the world so we mainly started it to share our finds with each other since we live in different states now. There's a button for the book blog on my sidebar.

Here is my latest post on there: 

 My daughter loves painting. Two weeks ago she had a very negative experience where her 1st grade teacher started punishing her by not letting her do art at school. Instead during that time she had to sit and read or catch up on her work. She told me she'd rather miss recess than art. Natalia was devastated and it showed at home. This is what pushed me into just changing her schools which I planned to do anyway when she started second grade. So, in the spirit of rebellion against this "teacher" I got her an art book.

Eric Carle's The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse. We talked about the value of art and how she could use it to release her frustrations. This book shows animals painted in unrealistic colors. I told Natalia that as long as she is not hurting anyone, including herself, some rules don't matter. As long as she has hands and a brain she can recreate whatever is in her mind. I know Natalia is a Great. I will never stop helping her grow.

I posted about 2 other books we picked up last week. Make sure to stop by and check them out:

One Love by Cedella Marley and Pinkalicious: Pink of Hearts


Jodi said…
I love this book. I have been slackin' lately, but it's for a good cause. ;)
Very good cause :-) I have no excuse lol. I have a couple more but I'll post them next week...

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