Arepas: A story, a book and a recipe

I was so happy to see my living room when I got home last night. My husband and kids piled in behind me. We had eaten already, but everyone felt like a snack. Something fast and sweet but also salty and warm. I busted out the PAN (white corn meal) and with the help of my 6 year old mixed the ingredients. I put some milk on the stove to warm and some water to add to the flour mix we made. We chatted as we waited for the bubbles to rise in the water for the arepas. Before we knew it the milk rose we diverted a spill by adding a cube of Abuelita chocolate to the pan. The water was ready and Natalia poured as I mixed. We waited for the dough to cool down a bit and then formed the round patties. The boys were setting up a movie and when I put down the plate of warm arepas on the center table they quickly vanished into their smiling faces. I sat down, sipped on my hot chocolate, and took a bite of my arepa. I felt happy.

Saturday I had an awesome one-day/one-credit class. Kevin Pang, a journalist from the Chicago Tribune, gave us awesome tips on all kinds of aspects of the industry. The story above was written as part of an exercise.  We had to write about a food that caused nostalgia for us. I got this book for sharing my story.

Here's a recipe from Jodi's blog. I'll add two things to her recipe: Sugar, about 2 tsp. and another 1/2 cup of cheese, Colby Jack usually works great (You can never have too much cheese). The sugar gives it a slight sweet taste that my kids love and the cheese melts very nicely.

1/3 cup white corn meal (I use P.A.N. from Colombia)
1/3 cup warm water
1/2 tsp. salt
2 Tbsp. butter
2/3 cup grated white farmer’s cheese (I use Mexican Queso) 
In a bowl mix: cornmeal, warm water, salt and butter with your (clean) hands until a nice mushy paste is formed. Add the grated cheese and continue mixing everything together with your hands. Warm a buttered skillet or griddle over medium heat. Form the arepas  into flat 4-inch cakes (this recipe should make 5). Place on griddle and cook two minutes on each side. When arepas are finished cooking, place on paper towels to absorb some of the grease before serving. 

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This is like the 4th arepas post I've seen this month y se me hace agua la boca, Amiga. Gonna have to try them. Now, I'm hungry!
thepascuas said…
ummm YUMMMM. thats one of the cravings ive had for months!! thanks.
Justine said…
Stopping by from the Tasty Thursday Blog Hop!
Shahny said…
Yum!! I love yalls arepas. So very d-lish

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