Guest Contribution- The end of the last cycle

I decided to add another lil post on Flor's blog. For those of you who do not yet know, I am Isaac Giron, Florecita's husband and cohort on many endeavors. I used to write in a blog for a while but its hard for me to put thoughts in writing (or other forms of texts i.e. blogs, hieroglyphs, scrolls). Maybe as time passes I'll feel more comfortable so I can start writing again. We shall see. I put up some of the pics I loved most that that I received when I was working in North Dakota. Web cam pics.

2012 finds me the happiest I have ever been. I have woken up feeling grateful and excited everyday so far. Learning to say thanks for all you got is not an easy thing to do but its a beautiful feeling to be able to do so. Last year was a roller coaster ride. It was full of the highest of highs and some of the lowest as well. I think of what I was doing exactly 365 days ago and I remember the small little apartment I was staying at in Minot, North Dakota.

Like life itself, my time in Minot was as cool as it was depressing. I really loved working out there, being in the oil fields, building up the plants that serve as veins to our nations energy. The money was great to say the least. It was physically demanding and mentally stimulating. I got to spend time with my family; Izabella (sister in law), mi suegro (suegro) and Gio. I also spent some time with Freddy (uncle-in-law) and with Fidel. It was great. I had a blast especially with Izabella. She definitely is someone i love as deep as blood. I also grew spiritually while i was there. I connected with LDS people outside of Salt Lake. It was empowering to realize that the Church is the same everywhere but that the people still reflect their environment and where they live. I am forever grateful to this brother in Minot, whom at one point was a Catholic Priest, for having taught me the true significance of being a priesthood holder. For all the cool things I learned and experienced there it didn't cover up the fact that I wasn't with Flor. I missed her so much. It was the reason I had to come back home.

2011 was my first year as a married man. I was bliss and it was the school of hard-knocks. I had to start learning to not be self-centered, which is a problem i still have. Thanks to Flor last year i confronted my demons for the first time. I can now sit back and look at my life and not lose my composure. Flor and my Father in Heaven have helped start me down the road to emotional recovery. I was a emotional wreck sometimes; guilt, shame, insecurity and resentment held me back alot. Those emotions kept me from reaching the conclusion that I reached by the end of the year.

That I am definitely the luckiest man on earth, that I love my wife with all my heart and that i will always be the greatest man i can be for my kids. At the beginning of this last year of the 5th sun, I promise I will always keep the knowledge that I am blessed close to my heart. Thanks my Eternal Father for this last year and for the chance to be here in 2012. I'm reminded of a lyric from a Calle 13 song, 'El camino es lo de menos, lo importante es llegar!"

Isaac Alejandro


wow your awesome. you should take over FGU :-) Love you husband we definitely are the best thing that happened to each other!
Jodi said…
Issac, I think you put your thoughts into words beautifully. I hope to see more of your posts, it sounds like you have overcome some incredible things. Love you guys!

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