Evil Witch or Beautiful Princess

So do I really have to choose? 

Today I was making pancakes for breakfast and the kids were running around playing. Natalia ran up and said, "Mom, can you play with us, you don't have to do anything." I said, "Ok, but I'm making breakfast." 

She continued telling me they were playing and that she chose to be evil in this game cause it was more fun. She said I was on her team so I had to be evil too. I responded I didn't want to be evil. She said "fine I guess you can be a beautiful princess then." I told her I didn't want to be a princess either I just wanted to be normal. She paused for a moment and said "um, okay I guess." 

I told Isaac about it later and he casually mentioned you don't have to be either, or. You can be a little of both. ha ha. 

Just got me thinking how so many times I don't say what I feel because I don't want to be "witch." I just keep it inside and smile but isn't that being more of a fake "witch." Then when I can't take it I explode and everyone's feelings get hurt. Then I start thinking maybe I am a "witch." Are my only choices to be a push-over OR a heartless meanie that doesn't care about others feelings? 

Well, today Nati, Isaac and I decided we don't have to choose. It may take a little bit of figuring out and compromising, thinking about it, pausing but we don't have to choose anything forever. Each moment is a new situation. 

What we need to learn to use is our intuition, our divinity. This will lead us to make choices that are balanced and come from what is inside. That's all for now but I think I'll keep pondering this for a bit. 



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