Confessions: First, I'm a slacker

Okay well maybe just this week but I came down with a horrible bout of depression. I missed my classes, I haven't done homework and I have like 2000 pictures to edit. The house is a tornado mess. Literally things every where. I haven't found the energy to clean or to do much. Today I hung out with one of my friends and helped her put her son's birthday party stuff together, it's tomorrow. 

Isaac also paid my gym membership for a whole year today. I am going to start on a strict work out plan tomorrow morning. I am excited. Only 2 more days of I. working until 11 pm. I am so happy because I feel so exhausted. Guess I forgot what it was like to be a single parent... 

Nite. nite. 

Oh wait, wait. One good thing... For a long time I didn't get along too well with my in-laws. Recently I've been trying to hang out with them more. Today I did a photo shoot with my sisters-in-law. It was really fun and I feel happy that we have come this far :) 

Here are a couple of pictures I took this week. So many beautiful Latinas. I even experimented with Boudoir Photography this week :)

You can always check out my work at: Flawur.Com


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