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I was sifting through my latest obsession. Pinterest. I've had my account for a long time but lately I love admiring the work and overall positivity of those I follow.

Early this month I had a pretty deep conversation with someone I didn't expect to speak to much at least for a while. Listening made me realize the importance of centering our thoughts on positivity and gratitude.

Over the years I've had some pretty bad things happen to me but if I choose to center on the negative moments, even when the moments of happiness overshadow those dark times, negativity will take over.

I've had moments that caused very deep feelings, emotions, thoughts, tears and guilt. When I've sat down and felt sorry for myself and excused my actions based on these feelings I've only regressed. 

Last week I had a tough week but on Thursday when I felt like my world was about to collapse I CHOSE to remember all the positive things in my life and to be grateful for them. 

1. My Faith
2. My Family: Husband, Parents, Siblings.
3. My Friends
4. Privilege we have to raise our children in a positive and safe environment.
5. Privilege of being able to obtain a higher education.
6. Privilege of being able to cultivate and grow my talents. 

Here are two pins I created to add to my Pinterest. 


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