I've been really busy working on our Christmas presents. I decided to share one of my talents with my family and friends. I've been taking lots of pictures for everyone and it turned out to be one of the most fun gifts I've done in a long time :) The kids have been enjoying afternoons of family time playing Pictionary, Karaoke and just running around with their friends. 

I am excited to start cooking this weekend! Here are some of my favorite shots of the last two weeks.


Jodi said…
Great pictures. I am eager for some snow. I want to attempt some snow shots.
florira said…
si, un gran regalo Flor!!! gracias!!! :-)
thepascuas said…
These are wayy cute! good job with photography skills. I do have favorties.. i love elenas session.. :)
Beautiful people, beautiful photographs! I love the colors and the clarity in your work, Flor.

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