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Today was a strange Christmas we spent at the hospital. One of my brothers had an accident. He is still in ICU he was so upset to "ruin" our Christmas but spending time as a family and seeing him feeling better was actually one of the best gifts this holiday.  This post is dedicated to his health and his good heart for always thinking of his family.

On the 25th there was a moment when my uncle, my sister and I reminisced of our abuelita, Mama Flor. It was another great Christmas presents I had just sitting there chatting.

I felt really bad to leave the kids with Isaac but they had a blast playing and jumping around when I got home they jumped on me. Guess they thought Christmas was on the 24th all along... he he.

Before we took him to the emergency room on the 24th we had our rumba though. Here are some pictures of the food and activities :-) 

On the 23rd and 24th we made sweets with the kids, mine and Sonyia's. They ran out before the 24th was over. It was really fun though and we discovered some cool new recipes and things we want to do for next year or for other holidays!

On the 24th we had our family and friends over for la Noche Buena. We sang some Christmas songs. We are blessed with a musical family, they definitely put on a show with the guitar, the saxophone and their beautiful voices. We included some Latino classics and the kids got up and sang some American Christmas favorites. 

A small list: Nanita Nana, Burrito Sabanero, Campana sobre campana, Los Peces en el Rio, El Tamborilero, Donde estan los regalos. 

After the noche de hogar where we read the story of Christmas from the bible and asked the kids questions about what they thought about Christmas we said a prayer and got to eating. There were tamales, buñuelos, empanadas, natilla, ensalada, arroz and frijoles, pan de jamon, paneton and a couple more things. Everyone got stuffed and we had a lot of visitors drop in throughout the night. 

Before the party started we told the kids our biggest present this year was to have a great night and enjoy ourselves with family and friends. They had a blast. They still got a couple presents (clothes) from my sister which they wore to estrenar on Christmas day. 

Overall our Christmas was a huge success and we had so many talent and time presents we were stuffed with happiness and food i guess. lol. Can't wait til tomorrow... New Years!! 


Jodi said…
How funny, I was just texting you about your blog, and saw this post. I must have missed it. I hope your brother is doing better. Sounds like he is, and you guys had a great holiday. Happy New Year my dear friend.

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