Redefining my Beauty- Embracing Me

A couple weeks ago I sent my friends and family a text that said something like this:

Today I went to meet with my academic advisor and I'm graduating summer 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a minor in Peace and Conflict Studies. I'm walking May 2012 :-) I'm so happy I will finally be done took me 9 years, 3 pregnancies and a lot of hard work. I'm ready to be a professional. Woo hoo. The advisor thought I was a weirdo cause my eyes filled with tears when he told me. Lol. Guess I'm finally gonna get my big party.
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I wasn't surprised by the immediate response I got. I know I have good friends and family that love that I am doing well in life. I am really, really grateful for them. 

I've been contemplating a lot about what I am going to do and what path I should take from here. It's weird because I've been dreaming about going to law school for a long time. Lately, I am not so excited at the thought of law. I have developed this love for writing and researching in the past couple of years that I would like to put to use in journalism or graduate work in that field. I am looking into lots of schools, programs and I am working on beefing up my resume. I am really nervous but I am also confident about my talents. 

This week I've been thinking I need to get new head shots for my journalism resume. But suddenly I realized I hate taking pictures. Then I had to be realistic as to why: I love myself, and I have grown into a comfortable image of myself. I've gained weight in the last couple of years and I haven't quite gotten used to it. I think because I used to be a lot thinner I feel huge. 

I've tried convincing myself that I'm just tall and I've always been bigger than my friends, but I still have a hard time with it. Some people may read this and say, well why don't you work out, or stop eating so much... Lol. But honestly, I feel that I am healthy in eating and when I have time I exercise, it is not however my main priority. Maybe I should find some time to make it a priority. 

I started reading and listening to interviews with Beauty Redefined, an organization started by two Ph.D students from the University of Utah, Lindsay and Lexie Kite. They happen to be really cool ladies and I'm really happy to have met and talked to them. I made a short video of our interview:

After watching this again, I decided that I am going to continue being healthy and start making some tweaks to my exercise routine.  But in the end I am going to embrace my curvy beauty. I know it's not easy to redefine a standard of beauty that is constantly pounding at us from all mediums but I am going to start doing my best by committing to compliment my friends on their inner self, not just their weight, their hair or their makeup. 

Instead of saying, "oh wow you look like you've lost your baby weight fast", I can say, "oh wow you are such a good mom, I am happy to have your kids influence in our family's life," or compliment them on their breast feeding efforts or on surviving with such little sleep. 

Instead of noticing someone's clothes I can notice their smile, or the brightness in their eyes. 

I can replace comments like, "ughh, I look fat" with comments like, "I'm gonna go on a bike ride tonight :)"

Here are some other tips for women from Beauty Redefined: BeautyRedefined.Net

Being healthy doesn't just mean being skinny. 

Being healthy means being happy by nourishing our body and our soul. 


Liliana M said…
Flor, you are beautiful :D and i'm so happy for your graduation this spring. lol

I totally agree that skinny does NOT mean skinny :) BTW cute pic.
Thanks Lili :) I tweaked it a little. he he. love you. we missed u this weekend! We've been hanging out every weekend! lol.
IG said…
great post. your beautiful. i know that u always say im baised cuz im your husband but its true. in so many ways you are one of the most amazing people i know.

when it comes to insecurities and standards of beauty i know that even though i struggle with weight problems it would be way more devastating if i was a woman. men can get away with a few extra pounds.
Jodi said…
I love your blog posts. This is so true. And honestly, most of us do not measure beauty superficially. I know plenty of pretty people who are just ugly inside.

And why didn't I get that text? Congratulations and good luck in whatever you choose, I know you'll be great in it.
I thought I sent it to you :) sorry my friend. I know your one of the ones who is super excited for me, since you've been by my side since the beginning!
thepascuas said…
Dear flor.
Im so glad u wrote about this.
Again congrats im so very happy for you!! I understand hy there was tears, its an accompkishment and somethng u worked so hard for and realizing that its finally here is what brings that joy . U have earned it.

I love how u talk about beauty. Its so true, our society is focused on the physical and superficial aspects so it kinda rubs in to compliment those temporary things. It does make a difference when we thing deeper than that and i think its a great attitude and example .

Also, i think u are beautiful just the way u are. U are curvy healthy beautiful in and out .. So there is def nothing to change.
Shahny said…
Love this post!! I def agree that being healthy doesn't mean being skinny. I always knew that I was on the "curvy" side and it never bothered me until I became unhealthy. I do say comments like "ugh, I'm fat" which does put a negative energy out there so thank you!! Changing my perspective will be a better path to a healthy and positive life :)
I loved reading this post! I'm turning 44 this year, and struggling a bit with getting softer around the edges. I'm working on focusing my energies on being healthy and strong, rather than the thinner person which won't happen again after 5 kids.
Sara said…
Inspiring! Congratulations and wishing you all the best today and down the road!

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