Good Friends and Their Many Talents

I haven't been blogging consistently so I haven't been doing my link up. I'm sorry for slacking, I'm asking for a new beginning :)

I usually link up on Wednesdays... I know it's wordless wednesday but hey a little variety doesn't hurt anyone :-)

The purpose of my link up is to build each other up as women. Many times we get busy with life and forget to look around and thank our friends for being such great examples in our lives. Take the time each Wednesday to praise the people around you. 

Here goes:

1. Add a link to a post that includes one or more of your girl friends and/or their talents!

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So a couple years ago I met this really cool girl. She was one of my husband's friends. She had three kids at the time, and was always happy. Her kids are some of the most polite children I know. They are soft spoken and have great manners. I love for my little ones to hang out with them because I never have to stop fights, etc. They get along perfectly it's pretty amazing. I think it says a lot about a woman that can raise children like them, alone. 

Recently, I've been talking with my friend a lot and she's opened up about a lot of her hardships in life. I was really taken aback. I would of never guessed, she is definitely a pillar. I really am amazed by her strength. She is a pleasant and fun person to be around, she doesn't complaining or gossip when we hang out, it's just genuinely fun. 

A couple of months ago she had another little one and he is adorable. It's so heart-warming to see the care and love with which she feeds him and takes care of him. 

Aside from being a great mother and gorgeous on the inside my friend is also really tall and beautiful on the outside. I'm excited for her to pursue a career in modeling and/or acting. 

She is really smart and has one of the best hearts I know. I am so grateful for her in my life and I am glad we've been able to get to know each other better in the last couple months. 

I hope our kids are friends forever. I consider them to be our family. 

I dedicate this post to her strength and determination to keep laughing and walking tall even when her heart is torn. Not all women possess that virtue. 

Thanks for brightening our lives through your smiles :) 

Okay time to hear about your wonderful friends: Link up!


Giron said…
cool post. your friend is a great person. its why i always kept her as a friend. i love the idea of celebrating good friends.
Myra said…
We are also very blessed to have such a positive & inspirational friend like you, Flor.

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