Edward James Olmos in Salt Lake City, Utah

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Picture Caption: Actor, Edward James Olmos, President of the Salt Lake Community College Hispanic/Latino Student Group, Nora Esquivel and Student Advisor and community activist, Lee Martinez 

Actorvist, director and community advocate, Edward James Olmos, visited the Salt Lake Community College’s (SLCC) Grand Theater this Wednesday, November 9, 2011. Olmos, who is a world acclaimed actor, kept the audience laughing and nodding their heads with his anecdotes and strong opinions.

The Tanner Forum on Social Ethics made possible by the support of O.C. Tanner Company, invited Olmos to speak as part of the Tanner Forum on Social Ethics who brings nationally and internationally recognized speakers in the area of social ethics to Salt Lake Community College annually.

Early in the day he spoke in the Grand Theater to a majority student audience. The forum titled, “We are all in the same gang,” touched mostly on ethics but gave room for conversations on identity and other problems affecting Americans. Later he met with some students for a more intimate talk.

Claudia Gutierrez, co-advisor of the SLCC Hispanic/Latino Student Club said, “he sat down with 30 selected students in a private session and discussed the importance of dedicating yourself to what you love, educating yourself and becoming more active in political or social causes.”

Student, Marilei Puentes, says, “some may feel they know nothing or everything about the world, but I can guarantee that if you attended his lecture, you left with new knowledge or wanting to learn more.”

According to Lee Martinez, SLCC’s student advisor and local community activist, “the college invited [Olmos] to speak with the local community. At a late lunch, [before that, Olmos] received a call that one of his son’s was in the hospital so in addition to being tired, he was a little worried.”

Martinez adds, “it was amazing how generous he is with his time, and how he recognizes and accepts the responsibility of his role in the community. He continually smiles graciously, so sincerely! No question, he is real ‘gente.”


IG said…
his talk was real good. he has a bunch of ideas that where real interesting and he is real genuine in his identity. i like that pic of u three aot lol especially how u manages to promote venceremos haha
Jodi said…
This is so cool! "Stand and Deliver" baby!

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