Si Se Puede ;)

Today my sister and I recreated a very iconic poster. I am always very open about my gratitude for my heritage as a woman and also as a Latina.

This is one of the images that I want people to picture when they think Latina, or Mujer Olivo. 

Thank you sister for letting me capture your beauty, because you really are beautiful inside and out. 

Thank you for being such a great aunt. 

Definitely the best aunt I've ever met. Thank you for coming back we missed you.

Here is one more... You can find more at Flawur Media on Facebook.

Comments it! You guys are too cool...such a great recreation!! ;)
I love these photos, Flor! I think you should sell posters. I would put Si Se Puede in my classroom for sure!
IG said…
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IG said…
beautiful pic by two of the most influencial mujeres in my life. izabella is a perfect candidate to recreate this pic. she is the essence of a strong latina. Flor you are an amazing photographer. i might not have an artistic bone in my body but i know a good pic when i see it. great job. love u compañeras

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