Today I vented on...

Facebook and I wanted to write down my vent so I don't forget it.

Kinda tired of the anti- motherhood attitude. Motherhood is one of the choices of pregnancy it should be catered to and valued just as much as abortion or adoption.

AND women who choose motherhood, still have a career and/or obtain an education should be valued just as much as women who choose not to have children for whatever reason. No matter the age, or circumstance.

School Ashamed of Black Teen Mom as Valedictorian

As I read the linked article. I was so annoyed by the concentration on race relations and the lack of respect this girl was given for her accomplishments in addition to being a parent at such a young age. The author was so dismissive and judgmental of her Mother Right, not to mention the comments, ughh!

Anyway, I posted it on my Facebook wall because I feel very passionate about the acknowledgement of the Mother Right.

This last time I went back to school, and decided to have another baby in the process, I got a lot of crap from the more "educated" types who chose not to have kids (which is perfectly fine). Comments like "barefoot and pregnant","I am so disappointed you got pregnant, how are u going to go to law school now?" or "oh it must be hard." I even got turned down from an internship because some women look down on other women who chose to have children as part of their dreams. I chose to have children and I understood the additional responsibility and work that would come with my decision. My feminism is questioned all the time even though feminism started as a stay at home mom movement.

The "but you have so many dreams" pity gets old... I still have the same dreams, having babies and raising intelligent strong people is one of them, in case anyone was wondering...


GreengaGirl said…
It is really sad that people feel the need to judge others reproductive choices.  And it seems as though there is nothing you can do right.  I am not certain if I want a child, and I get sooooooo much flack for this.  People who accuse me of not being in touch with my womanhood, being unnatural, against God, being self centered, and even a secret psychopath.  When I state that if I have a child, Sal and I want to stop with one, then there are even more complaints.  I am denying the child, I'm being selfish, putting my needs before others, denying my husband, etc.  Yet if I had a kid right now, I'm sure I would hear about how I am complicating my life, throwing away my dreams, taking the wrong road, blah, blah, blah.  No matter what I do, people have a bone to pick. 
On big fat AMEN! I love this Mother-Right thing you are talking about....The moms are banding together. Revolutions start this way, you know?
"I still have the same dreams, having babies and raising intelligent strong people is one of them, in case anyone was wondering..."

right on Flor. love this quote.

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