My Backyard Fruits and Veggies

Okay so I haven't blogged about my garden in a while because a lot my crops were eaten by my lovely chihuahua, Romeo. He also almost murdered one of our chickens too. He's bad! I was super mad at him for a while! 
So, the crops that survived his vicious rampage were the tomatoes, peas, carrots, lettuce and corn. So he ate the green peppers (my fav), the cucumbers (second fav), the squash and the pumpkins...

Two of our trees survived the aphids this year, and our rasberries and grapes are doing awesome too. 
Should all be ready any day now :) 

The Chicken That Lived

 Four Tomato Plants Should Be Enough :) 

Lots of Corn for our Harvest Baskets :)

Yummy Grapes. I love our Grape Vines, next year I think well make a "secret" garden under them.

Sweetest Rasberries I've Ever Tasted! 

Green Apple Tree! 

Apricots! Look at them. There's so many :- ) 


Jodi Lopez said…
Oh my... so much yumminess in one post! We have an apricot tree too, love it, and my raspberries are not here yet, I have only gotten a handful. :( 

Is that a mature apple tree? So lucky, I will have to send you a yummy Apple Crisp recipe. 
our plum tree got devoured by those aphids. that sucks i was looking forward to eating the plums :( i was so mad at romeo when he tried to kill our chicken!! i still hold a bit of resentment towards him but at least our chicky Detroid Red is alive and well. great pics too.

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