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Today I was looking at my stats, which I don't do too often. I was interested in the keyword searches that have led people to my blog. One of them was LDS Women Divorce. I did a google search and I found a lot of interesting articles about what people outside of the LDS church think about Mormon Mommy Blogs (MMB). I found the "California Gurls" parody. There was was one post that actually kinda got me all tendered up inside about a woman sharing why she loves blogs by Mormons. She said,

"Enter the Mormon bloggers, with their picture-perfect catalog lives. It is possible to be happy, they seem to whisper. We love our homes. We love our husbands."

She is a feminist, not married, doesn't have kids yet but what she said was cool. I could identify.

There is a lot of critique but it made me think and I found myself agreeing with A LOT of what was said.

For a while I tried to fit into the MMB scene but it didn't align too well with the things I chose to write about, since they are things we are told are of the world and will be fixed "in the millenium." I tend to sometimes think that response is a little bit of a cop-out that people are given when they are asking too many questions that nobody knows the answer for. In those instances, I've learned to exercise my personal revelation and ask the Lord to help me find answers. I have in almost all cases found answers through research and prayer. I don't share too many of my answers because sometimes I feel they are too personal. Anyway back to my search today.

The article I was reading goes on to talk about the parody MMB. And links to one called "Seriously, So Blessed," I was already following it and I think it's pretty funny. I went and read the interview with the author. It reminded me of a lot of other MMB I follow. But thinking critically from both points of view, being LDS, I know we have a lot of pressure to be great mothers and wives as part of our role here on earth.

Personally, I don't have a problem with that. It helps me understand the social structures of the world and gives me ideas to create a balance within my family. Every day I worry about being a better parent not just because I was taught to do this by the church but because I want my children to be successful and happy. At church we are also taught that we are of divine inheritance, and have inherited qualities from our Father and Mother in Heaven, this aligns with the  idea that we are inherently good we just need to remember it always. That is what I feel the church is for me. A constant guide and reminder of my strength and infinite worth.

Anyway kinda wondering what other LDS moms think about all this...


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