Finding an Old Friend

 A couple weeks ago I was driving to sign a contract with one of my clients for my videography business. And I saw a lady walking from far away, I thought, "Hey! that looks like Haydee," a dear friend from Houston. 

I kept driving to the appointment but the customer wasn't there yet so I turned around to check just in case it was her and it was! I was so excited, she is my mom's age but she used to watch us all the time when we were younger, one of the only people my mom ever let us stay with. 

My sisters and I considered her a friend and we would even ask to go over to her house to hang out because she was so nice and fun to be around. She saw me and was so happy. We talked for just a minute because I had to get to work but I got her phone number and we've been able to hang out a couple of times. I am so glad to have her back in my life. 

The kids love hanging out with her and so does Isaac. 

Today I am grateful for friends that last. 


today was fun. she is a cool lady. funny that i remember her from when i went to church when i was a kid.
Katherine said…
How wonderful! This is a lovely post thank you for sharing your old and new happy memory making. Hugs
Jenny Richard said…
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This is a wonderful story. It's great you found each other.

I'm a new follower from the Newsday Tuesday blog hop. Have a great evening.


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