He's One!

This year has flown by. July and August are busy birthday months for us. Mine followed by Adrian, followed by my brothers, followed by Andrei's! 

Adrian's Theme was "El Gato Con Botas"

We made cute boot decorations and bought boot cups, I made a colorful banner, Isaac was in charge of the games. The kids loved it, I can say it was definitely a success! Can't wait til Andrei's then it's back to school time. 

So many fun presents! 


Jodi Lopez said…
So cute! I want to see MORE pics though :) 
gisselle said…
Im so sad i missed it . I worked all friday night and all saturday till 4 or 5 :( Im glad it was a cute successful birthday. He is a cutie.
happy b day lil man. cool post :)

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