God and Violence Towards Women

I wrote this yesterday. It is very personal but I think i'll share it.

Today I watched two movies that were very violent. I usually am very picky about what I watch and what I allow into my brain because it usually leaves a vivid impression, I know I am too sensitive.

The Stoning of Soraya M.

In the Time of the Butterflies

It's 4:45 am and I still can't go to sleep. Both of the movies showed extreme violence towards women. I was painfully reminded of how evil violence to women really is.

I have been struggling, finding things I truly care about. I know I have a divine purpose here in this world. No matter how much I stumble, fall or get distracted, I know there is something very important I was sent to do. I know that is the reason I have been able to overcome so much at such a young age through the strength, an in so the confidence, the Lord has placed in me.

There have been times in my life where I have felt very deeply these very clear impressions. I know that my faith is deeply intertwined with my potential to help others. I know I have this burning desire to do good and feel deep compassion for those around me.

I think the reason I have been feeling so down is because I forgot and I started thinking too much about myself. Me gets taken care of if I remember to take care of those around me. I was blessed with a strong spirit, a strong body and a strong mind. I didn't learn this, I discovered it because it was something I always knew in my heart. Today I am writing this down so that I don't forget the clear impressions that I felt after watching those films. I understood that if I am not loyal to my Heavenly Father he cannot lead me in my journey. Loyalty is one of the qualities and virtues I inherited from him. Today as I am writing I discovered that too.

I think the confirmation came when I watched the movies and felt the spirit of peace escape. I know the Heavenly Father I know does not condone, or accept that treatment towards the divine creature whom he chose to share the power to give life. I think until last night I still doubted it.

Woman is capable of creating something from nothing. She is invincible and so it makes sense that her power would be reduced and diminished by those who didn't understand or possess it.

Violence against women happens everywhere. Many women choose to keep quiet because they don't think it's so bad but any violence or attempt to dispose of a womans strength is evil. Physical, sexual, emotional, verbal and another abuse against women comes from the same feelings of dominance and power.

I know I have the responsibility to help other women like me. I am sure my purpose is to do as much as I can to bring to light the evil and darkness that exists when women are treated as less than divine. I feel that women also need to be reminded of how valuable they are. Too many women succumb to the piles of trash men and even other women have reduced them to. We are daughters of a Father and of a Mother who have inherited their divine qualities and virtues. We cannot just sit and take it. It's time to speak, to stand, to walk, to run, to fight.

Today I remembered I am not valuable, I am indispensable and I will live up to the promises I have made to my Father in Heaven. I have postponed for too long the things I already knew survived within me.

I am strong, I am blessed beyond what I can imagine. It's time to start believing and being grateful. For now to show this gratitude, I need to share.

Thank you Heavenly Father for never leaving my side.


Jodi Lopez said…
Thank you for this Flor. You always know the right thing to say. Your daughter is SO LUCKY to have a Mother like you. 
those movies killed me inside. i still feel sick to my stomach to remember what they did to soraya. she was such a strong woman. the Maribel sisters are heroes too that should never be forgotten for their courage and sacrifice. i cant help but feel bad and to recognize my privilege in my gender. i cry alot about racism but i rarely look at the beam in my own eye when it comes to machismo and patriarchy. im sorry to all my sisters.

Nati is lucky to have you and vice versa. and im lucky to be a part of your life. im sorry that i have taken you for granted so many times but i know that as a man and a priesthood holder i have the power to someday treat you the way u deserve. i adore you babe. this post reminded me of how blessed and loved i must be by my heavenly father to have a wife like you.
gisselle said…
I havent seen them.but i want to now :)
I love your writing , I love how you recognize your strengths. You have many woman, and anything you will overcome.  Violence is ignorant , it destroys , and leaves a mark. Like in your previews post , i loved how you said you "choose" to be happy. And that is your strength , to look past it and not make violence the person you want to be , or the person that you are.  Your experience will def inspire the people around you , and maybe people who are going through a different source of violence. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)
Ella Venezia said…
Flor- Like you, I am sensitive. I choose not to watch these type of movies because it is too painful to see women victimized in any fashion. I understand what you mean by "felt the spirit of peace escape" after watching movies like these. Count me in to assist in any way, to stamp out violence against women, children, and anyone for that matter. May the Lord watch over you and your family and may He use your sensitive heart and passion to stand  up for those unable to help themselves. Aren't you studying to be a lawyer? (I may be recalling incorrrectly) 

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