Favorite Fruit: Mango

Lately, I've been shopping a lot more at Sam's Club. Our family is expanding and so is their appetite. They have some really yummy finds too. 

Mangos are my favorite fruit and they sell a case of 6 for 6 dollars. About the same as the regular store but they seem to be yummier... 

Today I ate one of the tastiest mangos I've ever had in Utah. 

Had to share my happiness. Today eating mango made me happy :-) 



Rebecca Cooper said…
oh yum! mangos are our new favorite fruit! i have to confess I hadn't really tried one until we moved here to the island....but we LOVE them now. :) thanks so much for linking up with the simple things. :) Rebecca
Amie Throndson said…
We love your mango pic! It looks so tasty! Thanks for stocking up on mangos at Sam’s Club. We thought you might enjoy one of our favorite recipes , the Mango Yogurt Refresher (http://www3.samsclub.com/meals/recipes/mango-yogurt-refresher-recipe). It’s delicious! Let us know if you try it out! - Amie from Sam's Club
haha this post reminded me of how adrian ate that mango at the store haha his favorite is mango too huh

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