Blogger Tag: Seven {Most Noted Posts}

One of my good blogger friends invited me to play. I love the idea, and I hadn't gone through my blog posts in a while, so here goes:

You tag your bloggy buds and ask them to name one post from their blog in each of the following seven categories. If you're tagged in this post or just want to join the fun list your "Seven" so we can all check them out.

1. Most Beautiful Post

Abuse, I fought you to the ground and then I kicked you real hard

Me rejoices in knowing I am strong and I have proven it to myself. Because that was the most important person I could have proven it to.

2. Most Popular Post

"Oh Mother," a song that got me thru!

Video and Lyrics for the Christina Aguilera song.

3. Most Controversial Post: I have a couple in this category. I will list 2.

My Consciousness

Reverse Discrimination and White Privilege

4. Most Helpful Post

Veggie Garden: For my Latino food recipes

How to get started

5. A Post Whose Success Surprised Me

Every day like this...

A Venting Post 171 hits in 2 days

6. A Post that Didn't Get the Attention I Felt It Deserved

Great Argumentation and American Immigration Reform- My Argument

Maybe it was too long? or maybe people are tired of the immigrations reform convo?

7. Posts I'm Most Proud Of (3)


I love this post because I mean every word of it, even if my mom and I have a war-zone relationship as many Colombian mothers do he he sorry stereotype... she knows I love her and I love her too.

Domestic Violence

This was a hard post to write. I am proud of myself for publishing it.

My First Post

I am proud of myself for starting this blog in time of turmoil and defeat, I pulled myself out and was happy no matter what brought me down. I am really proud of that.

Now I tag:






Flor, that immigration post was awesome!  I think maybe it was too long for most, but everything you said was brilliant!  That gives me an idea...
cool. you have a lot of really cool posts.

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