Summer's Sooo Close ;-)

We finally went swimming! Adrian's first time in the pool... Last year it got too cold too fast! He loveeed the water and Nati and Andrei finally got their pool fix. If it's nice tomorrow well go again!

Having a poetry challenge with my sister. Every night for a week we will write a poem about our day before going to bed. We are recording ourselves read it. This is my first poem. 

almost selling out 
cause my body is drowsy with 

splashes smiles 
yells and tugs
in the big blue bath

first time for some 
hundredth for others
floaties keeping little lips afloat

hot ashy skin
clorox smelling towels
weary tired eyes

closing with fruit 
cheese and ham sandwiches
and water

pausing but not stopping 
slowing down for the night
recouping for tomorrows adventures

waiting for what tomorrow will bring


Isaac Giron said…
today was real fun. those are some cool pics/
Ezzy Guerrero-Languzzi said…
The water looks inviting! Great family-time. Your little one is fearless. ; )
Gissellegirard said…
So fun!!! i got burnt the other day. sigh. good thing i stayed a lobster for just a day and now i look with alovely shade lol. I love the pics flor!! i cant pick my favorite....
The poem is cute! i could sense everything you said . Cool.

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