Poetry Challenge: Yea?

Lately I've been feeling poetic. BUT I want to hear poems from others too. I am going to post some poetry exercises, lets see what we can come up with... Yea? 

Just post your poem as a comment below. Here are some ideas, if none of these sound appealing you can always just choose your own topic :-)

 I'll feature all the poems as separate posts and credit authors once our little project is over... 

Thanks for playing! 
Another Life
Write a poem from the point of view of a homeless person. 

Hunting for the Bizarre
Freewrite for five minutes on whatever topic comes to mind. When five minutes have passed, go back through what you've written, and pick out the most bizarre sentence or phrase. Then write a poem that uses this sentence or phrase as its first line. 

Childhood Games
In the voice of your younger self, write a poem about your favorite childhood game. Be as realistic as you can in depicting the way you thought and spoke at that age.


Flor Olivo said…
You can leave you poem here, I will publish each on separately as an individual post and link back to your facebook accts :-) 

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