I love them all the same but...

I always make sure to remind them they're different from one another. Their talents brought together is what makes our home more fun, exciting and great. I've written a lot of letters to my children and I am so grateful for each one of them in my life. I know I am only their instructor for now and in the end we will also be equals. I like identifying my littles as little Natalia, little Andrei and little Adrian. Not little Flor or little Isaac cause well they're not. They are individuals who are growing into their adult state and will learn to cultivate their individual personalities. 

Adrian is 10 months. He is one of the happiest babies I have ever ever met. I think happiness is one of his talents :- ) He is always smiling, calm and curious. He cries, very loudly too, when he's hungry or needs a hug. He loves affection, hugs and kisses. But as long as he's close to someone and has a full belly, you won't hear a peep from him.

When I was pregnant from Adrian, I had a really hard time deciding what I wanted to do with my life. I considered lots of options. I got A LOT of critique, from everyone. Everyone thought, THEY knew what was best for me. In the end, the choice was mine and I'm glad with the choice I made. It was the choice that made my heart happy. I am also very happy that I was strong enough to take my time to think and decide. I don't feel bad for leaving Isaac out of my decision making process because at the time it was not his decision to make. I am very grateful that Isaac respected my process and embraced the time I needed as a woman, not just as a pregnant human. 

I've been meaning to write about the importance of being able to exercise our choice and accountability as women. Only we know what we can withstand and live with. I am grateful to have peace in my choices. 

I made a collage of happy baby Adrian. I know I am a better mother because I have been able to create my own path. I've had wonderful support from women and men in my life that have taught me to love myself and have confidence that I am a good person and so will lead a fulfilling, helpful and constructive life. I don't know if my children will appreciate or dislike my way of thinking but I do hope they learn to make their own paths to true happiness as well. Paths as Natalia, Andrei and Adrian. 

I dedicate this quote to my husband first, and then to my family, who accompany me on my journey as a woman. I hope that my children learn to find people like these in their own life. People who value their divine qualities. 

I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man (and a family) who compels my strength, who make enormous demands on me, who do not doubt my courage or my toughness, who do not believe me naïve or innocent, who have the courage to treat me like a woman. ~Anaïs Nin


Isaac Alejandro Giron said…
This is a great post. it  makes  me reflect alot on everything too. believe me flor it took me a while to understand you. to trust you. im only sorry i wasnt as understanding at the beginning of your pregnancy. i love you flor and i know that you are the most amazing person i know. i look up to you and think that you have the potential to accomplish anything. im blessed to walk beside you on this road. i adore u.
Your baby, Adrian, no solo tiene carita de angel, but he also looks like he's going to conquer the world. You have a beautiful family, Flor.  <3
Flor, you are awesome! You're pequeñitos are going to be so prepared for life because they have a mom like you who examines everything and makes solid choices based on fact and not impulse. I love your creativity and all your photos of gardening and family time...your strong mind and political/social activism and I just have to say, you're doing it right amiga! Thanks for sharing this. :)

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