"Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are"

The power of love surpasses lines of race, color, religion, sexuality and I am happy that I have friends from all sides of the road.

I have been blessed with this desire to learn, and I've come to realize that in many cases the only way to truly learn about people is having friends, real friends of all kinds.

Today I saw this quote, "People take different roads to happiness/fulfillment. Just because they're not on your road or mine doesn't mean they're lost"-Dalai Lama.

It reminded of this quote, "Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are," which I have never liked.

In so many instances I've been told, "You tend to become like your friends" or "You become like the people you hang around." Of course in a bad connotation. I've been told over and over to hang out with people I admire, who are better than me, who have dreams and aspirations.

I feel that I have chosen to do that. Except, that in many cases those dreams and aspirations are not as valuable to others as they are to the people I've chosen. I want to become all of the good things all of my friends are. Not just the ones who I've been told to accept.

When choosing friends the most important thing I've found is to look at the goodness and divinity of each one of the people I come in contact with.

Even people who have been really mean, or have completely different opinions can be friends if something about your relationship makes the both of you a better human.

Things like arguments, dissention of opinion or even bad examples can be transformed into bonding moments. When you resist negative temptations and cling to each individuals goodness you show them how important and worthy they are of love. Love is for everyone.

We are all entitled to eternal and unconditional love from friends, family and God, whatever God or representation of him you choose.

My husband, who happens to also be my best friend was a person that looked like what everyone told me to stay away from. But I got to talk to him and he transmitted all these good vibes I knew I wanted to be his friend forever. The rest worked out but sometimes I see people cringe at his tattoed arms, I see him being turned down from jobs or called only to represent negative connotations of society. I know his heart, and when I see this sometimes I get more annoyed than he does. Guess he's gotten a little used to it, I haven't. I get so frustrated that there are those who can be so easy to judge.

In the end, I am reminded that because I chose to go against a prejudice I was taught by my society, I was able to find happiness in this life.

My friends, my family and all those around me are a part of me and I am a part of them. I rejoice in this knowledge that, we all share the same light. We are all deserving of the opportunity to shine however we choose to do it.


Isaac Alejandro Giron said…
you cant assume anything about people. even good things.

i really appreciate you taking a chance on me. you are a great friend :)
Gissellegirard said…
Everytime I tried to comment someone would call me grr.. my phone is off lol.

I love this post ! I think that everybody has "goods" to share, you sometimes might have to dig for em , or they come out easily.  My mom used to tell me that quote too! i hated that! lol .
I do think that friends influence lots , but I hate it how some people dont give it a chance, they just a assume that because a person might wear baggier clothing, or tattoos, things like that , that the person is  "bad".  Every one was given a talent , a precious gift , everyone deserves a chance!
Flor Olivo said…
i like that we have similar mentalities about stuff :-) Thats why your so cool!! 
I have never thought of it in that prespective.

Wemake choices in life that will affect out future for better or worse.

I have always been the kind of person that really doesn't care what people think or say about me.

But never quiet realize how I have a major affect in peoples lives regardless if its at home or at work... with people Ihang out with or family members.

I've been told by many that I'm cold hearted with no emotion.... but it shows structure with in my boundaries...

I'm covered in ink but that doesn't make me less than no body... its just a way of expressing my culture that Ihold dear... its not for everybody but thatis what makes us unique...the choices we make

I've found my road and its a rocky one.... I always think a hard road is a better road...

***keep ya head up***

***don't let no one hold it down***

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