I can't stand when that person
comes between our light.

How quickly you jump to defend
her and how slowly you pounce to
my defense.

How easily comments
about me your blood, your childhood, your real friend
come and go
and you allowed them grow.

You allowed me to
be played.

You stood and watched
me stand
for you.

And you know I would stand

Without a question, with no
doubt, because
love thats true never

But still you turned your head
now when you can stop and
talk you turn your heart

to some stranger
to someone who could care

someone who told you they
had a game to be played

and would play it no
matter what it took.
Someone who isn't
like you.

I understand you are confused,
you must be. 

but don't take it too
People will get tired of
playing your pawn.

stop before you can't.
Experience yells for you to halt
listen or you will fall
pause and feel your heart
it murmurs truth.

A rhythm you can't deny
a longing that wont be concealed
learn to speak and stop hiding.
Your hypocrisy will cripple you.

God knows whats deep inside
if u don't believe it
the only fool now is you.


IG said…
great poem. real deep. hurts me a bit to read it. its real good. thanks for sharing.

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