Poem #4

Not Much I Can Do

When we talk. We never agree.
When we talk. We never disagree.

When were still, were always moving.
When we run, we are still too slow.

When I love, I love too much.
When I don't it's actually real blue.

When I'm mad, i'm livid.
When I'm sad, it's despairing.

When i'm on time.
Actually that's so untrue.

Can't remember when I was
not late to something, PHEW.

Almost lost that train of thought
Caught it, got it back.

When we sit. We are so still.
When we sit together, we can't sit still.

When were together. We feel so new.
Even if he has that tattoo.

When were together. We forget what's skew.
And there is nothing left to undo.

Our beautiful rendezvous. It never ends when you make do.
It ought to cut. I know they wish I withdrew.

But when it's so strong. There's really not much I can do.


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